About Us

from the right: Ken Jagolinzer, Peter Doomanis, Roger Griffin c.1964

Here’s how our family helped create the mystery shopping industry 60 years ago:

Returning home from World War II and scouting out opportunities, Peter Doomanis spotted the emerging mystery shopping industry – and a way to make it an even better business for everyone.

At the time, mystery shopping was focused almost entirely on integrity issues like loss prevention. Recognizing the close connection between a good customer experience and increased sales, Peter Doomanis, his brother-in-law Tom Pappas, and his cousin George Kerhulas added customer service queries to their offerings. Soon they were helping client companies monitor their cleanliness, hospitality, courtesy, and more – and watching everyone’s sales grow.

At Dynamic Advantage, we know that customer service has been a basic human interaction since the first marketplace was created two thousand years ago. We take seriously our responsibility to help clients deliver the best possible service to their customers – and thereby to improve the lives of everyone touched by these interactions.

Dynamic Advantage Mission Statement

The Doomanis’ at the WAFC Convention, 1976

In the more than 70 years since then, the Doomanis family has continued to set a standard high for the industry, moving from paper reports to electronic data and integrating other new technologies to benefit their clients. One thing that hasn’t changed, never will: Dynamic Advantage remains focused on customer service and compliance issues, and on helping clients satisfy their customers and grow their businesses.