Possible Check Scam

The Mystery Shopping industry is an easy target for Check scams.  The basic scam works by sending a letter that includes a check or cashier check that will direct you to deposit the check and wire transfer money or buy gift cards as a Mystery (Secret) Shopper, this is NOT a legitimate offer.

Mystery (Secret) Shopper companies across the industry experience identity theft so that these common check scams look real.   They are not.  It is important to do your research if you are interested in becoming a Mystery (Secret) Shopper.

Here are some general tips: 

  • Never pay to be a Mystery (Secret) Shopper
  • Never participate in assignments that requires you to deposit money first then either do a wire transfer or purchase gift cards to send back.
  • Learn more about the Mystery (Secret) Shopping industry from the Mystery Shop Providers Association: http://www.mspa-americas.org/
  • Do an internet search, for the company and use that information to contact them prior to signing up.

Here are a few facts about Dynamic Advantage:

Now, if you are the Victim of a Scam, here are some actions you may take: