Your business is an expression of you. We will help you understand the impression you’re making on your customers – and how to turn them into loyal promoters of your business.

Mystery Shopping

Our expert shoppers provide your business with an objective, third party evaluation of the quality and kind of service being received from a customer’s perspective.

  • On-site evaluation
    Are your employees complying with policies, procedures, and promotions? We can help you set specific measurable goals, test your improvements and make sure you’re getting the results you need.
  • Telephone evaluation
    A phone call is an initial contact. Do you have prospective paying customers hanging from your phone tree? Are your employees warmly greeting customers and helping guide them toward purchase? We’ll help you turn dialing into dollars.

Customer Service is critical to our business, but how can you really know how well you are doing? We use Dynamic Advantage. Stefan’s company provides us with cost effective feedback, allowing us to continually improve our service. Great Service. Great Product.

Marq Lipton, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Age Verification

Protect your business from possible fines and penalties. We use professional mystery shoppers within an established age range to verify your compliance with legal requirements for tobacco and alcohol sales.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Interested in finding out if your customers are going to promote, recommend, or refer your business? We can help with simple web-based surveys your customers complete.

Employee Incentive Programs

A little thanks goes a long way. Clients tell us their employees love our automatically generated “great job” emails that thank them for a job well done. Want to go further, with an incentive program? We can help you establish targets that help your employees help you.

Competitive Intelligence

Want to see how your business stacks up? We can perform comparisons between you and your competitors and help you identify ways to leave them behind.

Need a solution not on our list?
Here are just a few other projects we do for our clients:

  • Advertising Price Compliance – Ensure that your registers are ringing up the correct prices from advertisements and promotions to regular shelf pricing.
  • Product Sales / Availability – We can help you find out if sales personnel are selling your product effectively and knowledgeably – and even check that the product is on the shelf.
  • Register Operations / Integrity – Be sure employees are recording all sales correctly. Our experts can help test for scanning errors and safeguard your business against the possibility of employee theft.